布罗肯伍德疑案第六季|断林镇谜案第六季 ( 2018 )

  • 主演 : John R. Neill,Fern Sutherland,尼克·桑普森
  • 导演 : Murray Keane
  • 类型 : 欧美剧
  • 语言 : 英语
  • 国家 : 其它
  • 年份 : 2018
  • 连载 : 更新至04集

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布罗肯伍德疑案第六季|断林镇谜案第六季 剧情简介

Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd, is good at his job but bad at making labor relations, when it comes to the city of 'Brokenwood' to solve a crime falls in love with him and decides to stay, but soon Shepherd begins to collide with Kristin detective Sims.

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