街区第二季 ( 2007 )

  • 主演 : 大卫·休里斯,布罗娜·加拉赫,蒂莫西·斯波,马克·本顿,连姆·博伊尔,丹尼·坎宁安,杰克·麦克马伦,Anthony Borrows,Katy Cavanagh
  • 导演 : 泰瑞·麦克多诺
  • 类型 : 欧美剧
  • 语言 : 英语
  • 国家 : 英国
  • 年份 : 2007
  • 连载 : 完结

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街区第二季 剧情简介

Unhappily married Joe Jennerson envies bachelor twin brother Harry, and, when Harry chokes on a sweet and dies, he assumes his identity. His mother is not fooled though she keeps quiet but Joe's wife,Mary, does not see through the deception and is flattered and charmed by her supposed brother-in-law's kind attention to her. The coroner's inquest ultimately reveals the truth however and Joe is imprisoned for identity theft but by this time the married couple have fallen for each other all over again and Mary promises to wait for him.