水世界 ( 1990 )

  • 主演 : ???/沈惠珍/金美正
  • 导演 : ???
  • 类型 : 科幻片
  • 语言 : 韩语
  • 国家 : 韩国
  • 年份 : 1990
  • 连载 : BD高清

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水世界 剧情简介

  SYNOPSIS   Han Kil-soo will do anything and everything to get ahead. He betrays Chairman Heo Man-chul, who has brought Kil-soo success. Kil-soo even takes Chairman Heos mistress, Song Mi-ran, away from him. When he meets Seo Ji-hye, a college student, Kil-soo falls in love for the first time. He quickly frames his wife and even divorces her. On the other hand, Kil-soos hometown friend, Baek Chan-gyu, values mental peace above all and searches for the value of work. By Chairman Heos plotting, Kil-soo is bankrupted. He spends three years and six months in jail. After his release, Kil-soo still hasnt lost that arrogance in his eyes. He still believes in the golden dream of being a special citizen.   故事   韩Gilsu没有覆盖的方法和手段背叛了总统为许Mancheol走向成功,并占据了目的地从中songmiran燃烧的许Mancheol总裁。被命名徐智慧大学生感受到爱的第一感受他的妻子,他终于载体,离婚。家乡的朋友BAEK张裕通过向追求精神的宁静和工作的价值给予优先考虑。Gilsu他的眼睛达到了诡计的破产让来住3年6个月的监禁还有俏皮的外观不失金色幻想的特殊公民总统。

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